The person has a soul, but he has sold them.
 Also the dog has a soul, but she is of full innocence.
 The person has love, but can he also give them ?
 Also the dog has love, but he gives them honestly - without demand.
 The person has feelings, but only for himself.
 Also the dog has feelings, but he divides them with you.
 The person can do suffering, but only with the head.
 Also the dog can suffer, but he suffers honestly
 and with his small heart and with you.


My question: - why does it not stir me person if you suffer ?
 My answer: - You have no more heart
  - You know no more what an honest feeling is
 - You notice no more if my soul after understand walk
 - You notice no more from alone if I in sadness drowns
 - You are honest no more impartially.
 Do you take my hand? No – you do not touch, because of fear of feelings.
 My dog touches them only with the nose, but he touches with it my heart, my feeling, my soul and what a good in me is.
 He gives me and my starved soul so much.
 Person - I may turn away from you – you do not need me – but my dog, my friend – with his innocent soul.







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